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Points List 3 closes February 20, 2018

Points List 4 closes March 6, 2018

Divisional Championships are February 24 and 25, 2018

Junior Nationals are March 6-11 at Park City, UT

U.S. Championships are March 22-25 at Waterville Valley, NH​​


EVENT scoring

  • After an event, scores are reviewed and checked for errors by the head judge and Team coaches

  • Once approved, scores are transferred to USSA by the event scorekeeper
  • Competitors may then log onto USSA and see their updated FSSP scores
  • For information about qualifying for Junior Nationals, click USSA WEBSITE here.
Far West

Videos from each Freestyle mogul Competition:​​

  2. In top right corner, search for Squaw Free Moguls
    1. Note, last season was SV Comp
    2. You can refine search with {date, run#, competitor_bib_number}
      1. date format: {2017.01.28, 2017.01.29}
      2. run format: {Run1, Run2, Duals}
      3. bib format: competitors bib number
      4. Example search within Vimeo: Squaw Free Moguls 2017.01.28 65
Note: some day 2 videos (duals) are still being uploaded today and a couple of single runs on day 2 may have been missed.
Please feel free to forward and/or download.